Aphrodite’s paths Μονοπάτια της Αφροδίτης

The series ‘Aphrodite’s paths’ was created in nature paths of Cyprus along which, according to legend, Aphrodite had walked, was born, was having baths, meeting her lovers and was worshipped in caves, springs and waterfalls. Organic materials, branches, plants and rocks found in the local area, are arranged automatically. This surrealistic process brings forth archetypes and ideograms that are often anthropomorphic, male and female, symbols of dual aspects of consciousness, the material-spiritual and  afterlife.  They are common in the Near Eastern Mediterranean area but also belong to cultures around the world related to the worship of nature.

Αt the Randiti forest excavations by the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, under the supervision of Dr Georgia Bonny Basemore, I was given the opportunity to experience closely archaeological findings and investigate in more depth the local legends and rituals concerning the Goddess. Phallic stones, seeming like the earliest archaeological findings, and the pomegranate, one of Aphrodite’s symbols re-invent the energy of ritualistic objects and  talismans that were used for fertility and protection in order to ensure panspermia, renewal and abundance. The egg, in some of the images, was found on the red soils of Cavo Greco. It had been fossilized by the passage of time.It became immediately a symbol of the idea of rebirth as explored  in this series. Egg: where life originates. Soil: where all is disintegrated and assimilated. Cycle of life.

While most of still images were taken and created along the paths, some were taken into underwater discoveries.

These images have not been manipulated digitally at all in order to look better!!



VenusAsSUn_FloraMavrommati_small‘Venus as Sun’

 photography close to the  “Birth Place of Aphrodite”,Cyprus. Venus here as a six pointed star which shines brighter of all in the night sky like a second Sun. ‘Venus as Sun’ :  sizes: 30,5 x 50cm /43 x 70 cm, edition of 5


‘Key of Life’

Photography taken at Aphrodite’s path, Cavo Greco, Cyprus. The Ankh symbol or else ‘Key of Life’, is closely related with the well known sign of planet Venus, the circle on top of a cross. Both symbolize the male and female as one, axis  being the male and circular/vessel shape the female.’Key of Life’ : sizes: 50 x 39,5 cm /70 x 55,5cm, edition of 5


Aphroditespomegranate_Flora‘Aphrodite’s pomegranate’

‘Best photo of the month’, July 2013, and finalist, Travel Competition of  SAM magazine, University of Sydney.’Aphrodite’s pomegranate’ : sizes :20 x 30 cm /33,5 x 50cm / 47 x 70 cm, edition of 8


 more images from the series “Aphrodite’s paths”

IMG_3289_small IMG_2775_watermark_small NewDawn_FloraMAvrommati_sma IMG_2719_180_70cm_watermark IMG_2674_watermark_small Fountain_FloraMavrommati_small